Puppy Socialisation 

Every Sunday at 10.00am with your trainer Rena / Renee

The first few months are a very important stage in a puppy's life. This is when they learn the social skills needed when meeting other dogs. They also need to build their confidence in dealing with the outside world and meeting all sorts of people.

At our fun eight week course your puppy will:

  • meet other puppies, dogs, adults and children
  • come across unfamiliar things
  • learn about and how to walk on a collar and lead
  • learn to come back when called

You will also learn about:

  • day to day puppy care (for example, grooming, handling and diet)

Course cost: $125 (this includes the eight week course, club membership for the current financial year and a one-off joining fee)

The course is for puppies up to six months old. To attend your puppy must:

  • be fully vaccinated before coming to their first class (proof of vaccination required)

However, if you have an older puppy / dog, we can also help.